Cobalt ๐Ÿ’™ K-Content expo in SINGAPORE 2022!


Welcome to K-Content expo in SINGAPORE 2022!

K-Content Expo is the event that comprised of content-focused B2B intensive programs such as business meeting, seminar, pitching, and so on.

This event aims to introduce the excellence of Korea content by selected content companies with full potential, and to seek the business possibility for development of two countriesโ€™ content industry and improvement of content competitiveness.

Moreover, beyond the business, you can also see and experience various Korea content genre such as Broadcasting, Animation/Character Licensing, Game, VR/AR, and so on.

In <K-Content Expo in Singapore 2022>, 27 major representative content companies will participate and derive business with buyers from 4 countries of Southeast Asia: Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

We, Cobalt, participated in this expo booth to know our service,

Cobalt Exbition Booth
Cobalt Pitching



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