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1 min readJun 10, 2021


- Share your decks without any stress.

- Deliver your presentations all around the world.

- Build a network with people who love your decks and presentation.

- Search any contents(audio, slide, and q&a) in presentations.

Haeil Yi
Cobalt CEO/Software Architect/Chemist

From prehistoric times when cave paintings were used to depict games, to the 21st century when Powerpoint is used claim the discovery of Mars, we humans have always made presentations. Presentation tools have evolved dramatically from cave paintings to PowerPoint, but the presentation itself remains the same as it was 40,000 years ago. Presentation is a perfomance that combines material, audio, script, writing and drawing, gestures, and interaction with the audience. Therefore, it is intrinsically volatile and hollistic, like a circus show. Recently, the intrinsic volatility is somewhat solved by recording presentations as video, but the hollistic intrinsic becomes a big obstacle in dataizing presentations. It is almost impossible to search a specific question, comment, text, and even page of slides in a presentation. Video is not a digital form of presentation. Everything in a presentation — page, audio, script, writing and drawing, gestures, and interaction with the audience must be digitized and dataized for machine to recognize and even understand. We have resonsibility to achieve the digital transformation in presentation. we are finally innovating presentation for the first time in 40,000 years.